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    IMC Company specializes in the design, the development and the production of top-grade aluminum alloys parts (with or without sand cores) that can be specified to a high degree of complexity. Tight casting tolerances and the use of a wide range of aluminum alloys ensure product diversity while maintaining cost effectiveness.

    The R&D department is constantly concerned with the search for new and improved manufacturing processes, for serial production.

    Our engineering team is capable to design a part from development phase to production, with focus on weight reduction by replacing, in some cases, brass solutions by special high-strength aluminum alloys.

    IMC Technology enables full automation in a closed system and serves as an advanced alternative to mass production, by integrating modern supervision of the casting machine, with design of advanced molds adapted to the process.

    Our Processing Technology ensures minimum machine time, quick setup and precise tolerances, which eliminate secondary operations.
    This process allows us to efficiency manufacture high quality products.

    Our flexibility enables to produce and deliver quick prototype batches, using casting simulation in house.

    Customers may specify any requirements including thermal heat-treatment, assembly operations, both conventional and cnc complex generated products, special mechanical specifications and all at a superior quality.
    We can address a 30 gram to 20 kg range of parts. Current production is reaching 5 million parts per year.

    Advantages of IMC new GPCP technology

    • Full automation in closed systems.
    • The melt is not exposed to the atmosphere.
    • Calm filling of the mold without turbulence (avoiding oxidation).
    • Controlled rate of filling and repeatability (without dependence on the operator’s skills).
    • Oriented solidification towards the feeder.
    • An advanced alternative for Mass Production (replacing the Carousel System).
    • Easy coordination between rate of filling and solidification.
    • Natural possibility of air evacuation from the mold when casting.
    • Top grade gravity die castings produced with or without sand cores that can be specified to a high degree of complexity.
    • Tight casting tolerances and the use of a wide range of Aluminum Alloys ensure product diversity while maintaining cost effectiveness.
    • Low porosity, sound castings and improved mechanical properties.


    GPCP technological advantage 


    Engineering capacity

    Cad Software:

    • CATIA.
    • Solid Works.

    Simulation Software:

    • GeoMesh.
    • QuikCast.
    • VisualCast.

    Core team

    • Mechanical, Electronics and poduction engineers.

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