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    About Us

    About Us

    Who we are?

    IMC-Casting is an aluminum casting company that has been established in 1937 by a small group of metal craftsmen who brought their skills from Europe.
    IMC export 100% of its production mainly to automotive OEM’s and Tier1’s market (*) as well as to hydraulic & industrial components/ coupling markets.
    (*) all segments: Passenger Cars/ Medium Duty/ Heavy Duty components

    What we do? GPCP

    The company specializes in the design, the development and the production of top-grade aluminum alloys parts using a unique patented process GPCP(*) giving unprecedented technological quality at optimized cost efficiency.
    GPCP is oriented for mass-production, for small-to-medium parts as well as for complex parts with or without sand cores.
    IMC internal production range integrates all stations: from sand cores to casting, from CNC to assembly, from leak test to final inspection.
    We produce up to 10 million parts per year for a single reference (depending size)
    (*) GPCP: GraviPress Casting Process

    Innovation: lighter solutions to reduce CO2 emissions using high-strength aluminum alloys.

    Since 2004, using GPCP process, IMC-Casting has also developed and introduced in the market innovative light-weighting solutions in special High-Strength Aluminum Alloys reaching equivalent mechanical characteristics of current copper/ steel applications with a 3-time lighter and 2 to 3-time cost advantage.
    Application: gearbox synchronized rings, gearbox forks, bearing caps, specific housings….

    Where we are?

    The offices and production plant are now located in the Nazareth Industrial Zone on a total area of 27000m2. The new building and facilities were inaugurated in 2009. We are close to the 2 main ports of Israel as well as to the airport.
    We have also a warehouse platform in Orly France of about 10000 m2 to support deliveries in Europe.

    To whom we belong?

    Since 2003 the new owner, Lubinski Group, the major European car importer in Israel, invested 25 million US dollars in the new state-of-the-art production facilities located in Nazareth. The Lubinski Group was established in 1936 and as a sustainable shareholder is supporting us in our growth.

    Our Vision

    • To bring maximum value to our customers by using our unique technical expertise and our GPCP process.
    • To focus on light-weighting solutions in special high-strength aluminum alloys.
    • To improve our offer by developing new alloys and processes that will give higher mechanical properties and quality.


    • Responsibility
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Safety & Environment
    • Continuous Improvement and Innovation
    • Enhanced our workers

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